Coal to diamonds :-)

I’ve always been criticized as an overthinker which is true to a certain extent. Solving complex puzzles and why’s which we don’t ask ourselves so often gives me immense pleasure (except for the company of my good friends Navodya and Sakunika) and the four hour bus ride back and forth to the university is the ideal place and time to think!!

We are surrounded by the economical decisions we make; one of the most beautiful, yet theoretical and practical subjects you could apply in real life. From hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock without waking up to deciding to spend all your money on food, in the expense of your music classes; its all ECONOMICS!!

I’ve decided to share my unproductive thoughts in the process of turning transforming them to something productive, giving a hint of economic concepts behind news, and day to day decisions we make.

Please note that these posts are my perceptions and could vary from a person to person. All your comments and suggestions are most welcomed!!

Kudos to Navodya, “the diplomat to be” for encouraging me to start this blog.


5 thoughts on “Coal to diamonds :-)

  1. Dil , since I am nor expert on this subject matter I do not possess any moral discipline to comment on the subject but what I can say is whoever has criticized you as over thinker has “overthought” about you unnecessarily.Please don’t let anyone evade your thinking because as rational human being you yourself will not be able to control it till you “attain NIbbana” As long as it doesn’t harm you,harm the other and harm both you and others I don’t see any fault in following that thought process.
    I am so ashamed of my self simply because I am late to start reading your blog, but still i see my name published.I apologize for that.Hope to read your blog even after passing out the degree.
    ❤ With lots of love and well wishes ❤


  2. Thank you for telling me about the blog – I enjoyed reading the entries – particularly the Harry Potter one … glad someone is seeing economic decision making in a positive light and not just mad at having to make choices – prepare for lecture vs reading Harry Potter reminding oneself about the difference between own utility and social benefits!! Best wishes. Amala

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